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Here you will find hosting options for non-profits and churches, individuals and professionals; overall, the Internet Community.

Believers' Ministries In Christ Inc.

Helping Ministries Reach the World Since 1994!

Since 1994, Believers Ministries In Christ Inc. has provided ministry services and an Internet home for thousands of members including churches, non-profit organizations and indigent communities. BMC's Ministries Online membership includes Free web hosting1 with your own URL and a Free valid SSL certificate connection at https://www2.ministries-online.org/YourName.

Ministries free web hosting accounts come with a starter 50M2 disk storage, a simple-to-use Web Authoring System, easy importing and uploading of web files, a valid SSL certificate, optional upgrade to cPanel™ using your own TLD (Domain Name), and the benefit of No Embedded Advertisements. Click here for your Free membership!

Eversible Internet Services

Help us do more with an Eversible Service!

To help Believers' Ministries In Christ Inc. reach its goals, organizations and individuals with greater demands can look to BMC's affiliate brand Eversible, offering hosting services for larger websites and applications. Please consider signing up for an Eversible subscription3 as a great way to support your favorite Internet ministry, and do more in return! Click here for details!

BMC's Eversible DRM and CDN Services

Digital Rights Management & Content Delivery Network!

Specialising in protecting media and streaming live events at high quality, Eversible's Content Delivery Network has been in production operation since 2006.

To guarantee optimal performance for content delivery, Eversible's hosting network is geographically distributed across 5 cities on 2 continents. Major access points include Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Amsterdam and London (UK).

Please do not hesitate contacting us about your particular content delivery or DRM needs.

1 Some restrictions apply, see BMC's Terms and Conditions for more information.
2 Increase disk storage available on a justified needs basis.
3 Proceeds go to charity Believers' Ministries in Christ, Inc. to help fulfill their mission.